Steve Bevelhymer, JAARS Aviation, Waxhaw, NC

We’ve used the heaters 3-4 nights a week since we’ve gotten them.  They allow us to leave the planes in the storage hangar regardless of the temperature.  In the past we tried to get at least one plane into the heated maintenance hangar the night before a cold morning flight.  This was always a complication and didn’t always work.  Now, all we do is hang the heaters on the plane after the last flight and plug them in before we go home.  The pressure carburetors on the Helio Couriers don’t like cold starts and it wasn’t unusual to have to pump the primer to keep them running initially on a cold morning.  Now, we pull the plane out and turn the master on and see 70 – 80 degrees on the CHTs with the thermostat set at 70.  The oil temps are 65 to 70.  We will probably buy two more for the 206s before next winter.  Thanks for a great product.