Stuart A. R44 Raven II

I have an R44 Raven II that is based in Boston. While the helicopter is stored in a hangar, the hangar is not heated. In the winter the hangar is frequently down into the low 20’s F and it can be difficult to start at times, never mind the potential for excess wear and tear. I thought about a Tanis, but then came upon the Alien Turbo heater. I thought this would be a perfect solution with a quilted cover from Bruce’s as I could keep the entire engine and the drive train warm and avoid the issues with uneven heating of the engine. Last winter it worked out perfectly. I just place the heater inside the rear cowling and set it at 70 degrees. The entire back end of the helicopter (including the fuel) stays warm. Engine starts just like it does in the spring time. I highly recommend this solution.