I could not have got a better heater than your Aerotherm heater.  I live in Hamilton Montana and have an unheated hangar.  I leave it on all winter and everytime I go out to fly I don't have to pre-heat because its already nice and warm.  We had 10 below temperatures here in December and the airplane stayed completely warm.  It works great on my Citabria and I can take it to my fly in ranch in the Selway Wilderness of Idaho and run it off the generator back there.

J Cole, O'Fallon IL, Cirrus SR-22GTS

After doing a lot of research on aircraft engine heaters, I came to the conclusion that the AeroTherm heater was my best choice and the only unit that met all of my purchase criteria:  effective, lightweight, portable and inexpensive.  I had decided that I wanted an electric heater and, since I fly a variety of aircraft, I needed a unit that was not permanently installed.  I like the fact that the AeroTherm re-circulates heated air throughout the engine compartment, ensuring that the entire engine is heated evenly, including the oil.

Nate O. -Perth, ON Canada

Just wanted to send you a quick note about your Aerotherm Deuce.  I purchased it in the fall of 2011 from you guys and have had it plugged in between the months of October and May ever since and it's fantastic.  Oil temp shows 70 degrees even at -25 Celsius.   Great product!  


iSocket 707 GSM

iSocket 707 GSM

Description and Overview: 


+ Description and Overview 

iSocket® Intelligent devices are designed to control electrical equipment remotely. iSocket® devices can also be used for monitoring your premises (security and, temperature monitoring, for example). They can provide valuable information about the state of the premises via the mobile network.

  • Remote on/off reboot by SMS / Call
  • New! Power off notification
  • Remote temperature control
  • Thermostat
  • Temperature rise/fall alerts
  • GSM home alarm system
  • Alarm notification, SMS alerts
  • Alarm input for external sensors
  • Second relay for switching low-voltage appliances
  • Built-in microphone - remote sound monitoring of a room in your absence
  • Scheduling start, stop, status info, Alarm Function on/off
  • Three security levels (password, by numbers, limited config window)
  • 4 bands: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz
  • iSocket® Online 24/7
  • Management with traditional phones
  • Applications for Android & iPhone
  • Made in Finland
+ Manufacturer 

Micheal M. - Langley BC

"I'm very happy with my Aerotherm Ryan, easy to use and silent. Hook it up, do my walk around and prep and in half an hour, 45 minutes it starts like a Summer day. Preparation and proper procedures are so important with a Radial Engine. Living in Canada with colder winters I feel confident I'm doing one of the best things I can do for my ship."

Don V. - Fairfield, CT

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such an easy to use product that offers many advantages over previous preheating devices. I also, want to thank you for your prompt service when I had a problem with the first heater. Everybody looks good when things go right, but the true test is how they handle problems, in that area you excelled, when I contacted you with a problem, you quickly sent a replacement unit and return for the failed unit. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is that’s why I ordered the second unit from you to use on my other airplane.