Doug Wilson, Norwich, NY

Got my Aerotherm heater a couple weeks ago and just in time. The weather here in upstate New York went into the lower twenties. I set up the heater on my Skylane and left it turned on overnight. I went back the next day expecting that the motor would be running continuously, but to my pleasant surprise it was not. I reached inside the cowl and could just feel the warmth and of course she started right off with no trouble. I am very pleased.

R. Brooks, Virginia, USA

The Aerotherm engine heater is exactly what I needed for my Columbia 400. I turn the unit on and it heats all my cylinder heads to about 100F and the oil is kept at a nice 85F. It is easily installed when needed and its simplicity makes it a great addition on to my aircraft.

John Sinclair - 182 owner - Worland, WY

The Deuce works better than I ever imagined!   I threw a couple of moving blankets on top, positioned the hoses into the cowls, careful not to obstruct the oil cooler, and left it plugged in to cycle on and off as needed. After a couple of days I noticed the heater only comes on maybe once every 5 minutes, and stays on no more than a minute at a time, maybe less. The engine is toasty warm.  Thanks for such a great product.

Thierry Suhner - Switzerland

As owner of a small SEP aircraft based in Switzerland, I recently bought an Alien X Turbo system.  Friendly talks and rapid support from the manufacturer.  Once bought, the device was sent rapidly and securely to Europe.

No need for any electrical plug adapter; the Alien stands "ready to use".  Very simple and quick installation of the Alien on the aircraft (tutorial videos are of great help).  It simply works! Your engine won’t ever keep cold again!

Jim Feighny, Potomac, MD

I am a recreational pilot and have a RV-9 in an unheated hangar about 60 miles from my home.  In 30 years of light plane ownership and experience with the full spectrum of engine warming techniques; bare light bulb, propane forced air, bolt-on heaters, floor mounted ceramic heaters, etc., I find the The AeroTherm Alien and RCS setup the best warmer available.  I especially like the ability to control the unit remotely and use it only when I want to fly.

Steve Bevelhymer, JAARS Aviation, Waxhaw, NC

We’ve used the heaters 3-4 nights a week since we’ve gotten them.  They allow us to leave the planes in the storage hangar regardless of the temperature.  In the past we tried to get at least one plane into the heated maintenance hangar the night before a cold morning flight.  This was always a complication and didn’t always work.  Now, all we do is hang the heaters on the plane after the last flight and plug them in before we go home.

Jon Dauplaise - Regional Sales Director of Cirrus Design

I have come to find my aerotherm to be indispensable. I travel the Midwestern US and Canada every day for business in my SR22-GTS and I must have the reliability and efficiency of the aerotherm. I can use it anywhere, use it on any plane I’m flying, and even help friends or coworkers get their planes safely started regardless of conditions. Try that with a bolt on heater!