My fan runs all the time is that normal? 

Yes, the fans in all our heaters do not shut off, they must run continuously, to monitor the engine compartment temperature.  The thermostat only controls the turning on and off of the heating element.

What are the heating times on a cold-soaked engine?

Depending on the model of heater and the aircraft as well as the starting ambient temperature the heating times can vary between 30mins – 2.5 hrs. Please refer to our comparison chart for more information. Product Comparison

My heater seems to be on all the time, is there a problem with it?

Although the heating element will only be on when needed to heat up your engine to your desired temperature, your heater’s fan will always be on.  The fan remains on to continue monitoring the air in your engine compartment and provide your thermostat with a more accurate reading of your engine’s temperature.  Don’t worry, your fan alone only draws as much energy as a small lamp light bulb.

How does the AeroTherm heater attach to my airplane?

Every AeroTherm heater ships with a durable nylon suspension band that attaches to the prop of your aircraft.

Can the heater be used on any plane?

The heater can be used on virtually any small aircraft, as long as the cowl vents will accommodate a 4inch diameter semi-collapsible hose. To maximize warming, the cowling/engine compartment should be sealed with the provided sponges. SEALING IS IMPORTANT! You can cook a pie with the oven door open, but it will take a lot longer. We also suggest using a blanket or something as simple as a sleeping bag to help retain the heat. This simple step increases efficiency tenfold.

Can the AeroTherm heater be run on a timer?

The AeroTherm Heater has a built-in thermostat which will cycle the heater on and off as needed.  Some pilots do use a timer when they have consistent flight schedules this allows them to turn on and run the heater on a as needed basis.

Will the AeroTherm heater be effective if my plane is parked outside in the wind at extremely cold temperatures?

Yes, if you cover the engine compartment with an insulated blanket and make sure your bottom cowl holes are plugged (Always remember to remove cowl plugs before flying).

My heating element (not just the fan) seem to be on all the time

Check your thermostat setting.  We find that this often happens when your thermostat is set above the recommended settings.  Product Manuals
We recommend you set your thermostat no higher than 70 degrees or lower if you will be leaving your heater unattended.


What makes the Deuce unique when compared to the Alien Series?

The Deuce is the only model we carry that is customizable. We can add a switch which allows the user to select 800 or 1600 watts of heating power making it the perfect and only heater for twin engine aircraft.

How much electricity will the Deuce utilize?

6.9 Cents per kilowatt hour (SD Utility Rate- Individual rates vary by Utility)
Deuce Draws 1355 watts.
1355 watts x .0069 = 9.35 cents/hr.
Our most recent testing took place on a Cirrus without a blanket inside an unheated hanger at 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Deuce was plugged into an hourly electric meter and set for 70 degrees.  It ran for 6 hours over a 21 hour period essential 1/3 of the time the unit was running.
9.35 cents x 6 hours = 56.10 cents
56.10 cents / 21 hours (heating time) = 2.67 cents an hour, or 2.67 cents x 24 (1 day) = 64 cents a day to run.
Results may vary based on temperature, hangar, airplane construction and utility rates.

Deuce (Modified) Switch Units

What position does the toggle switch need to be in when using on a twin engine aircraft?

When the switch is in the “ON” position the heater is running at 1600 watts when the switch is on the “OFF” position it is running at 800 watts. Given your heating a twin you would set both units to the OFF position so they can be plugged into the same outlet.


Why should I consider an Alien model rather than the Deuce?

Alien models are faster than the Deuce and for those customers who cannot leave their heater running all the time a faster unit is preferred.

The speed of the Alien Series is also ideal for those pilots that do a lot of overnights.  The Alien X Turbo is a good example given it can preheat in roughly 30 mins and is very portable it is ideal for overnight stays.

We have found out that most FBOs will let you use their service hanger to plug in your heater right before you fly out, since you would only be plugging it in for 30 mins or so (depending on model) after an overnight stay.

Will the Alien models work with my 2,000 watt generator?

Yes, the Alien and the Alien Turbo will.  The Alien X Turbo is rated at 2,100 watts and therefore is NOT compatible.

How many amps does an Alien model heater draw?

The Alien and the Alien Turbo draw 14-15 amps and the Alien X Turbo draws 17 amps.

I dropped my Alien model heater and it broke/cracked, is it covered under my warranty?

It is important that you handle your unit with care.  Aerotherm’s 3yr warranty covers malfunction of your heater due to manufacturing or mechanical defect or failure and it does not cover breaks or cracks caused by dropping the unit or malfunctions due to misuse.