Joe G.
It is 2 degrees today. I checked on my plane in the unheated hangar. The aerotherm was working great. I had it set at 65 degrees. It was cycling the heat on and off, ever so slowly. I’m very pleased with the aerotherm.

Sean W. – Wyoming
I should let you know that I purchased an Aerotherm heater almost 10 years ago and have used it every winter since and it has worked flawlessly, until today, but after 10 years of continuous winter operation, what more can you expect. I live in Northwest Wyoming where the temperatures are often below zero for several days at a time during the winter. I fly 150+ hours a year, so it is important to me to keep my airplane in top shape. I have never had to worry about starting my plane in less than desirable conditions. Your heater always kept my engine nice and warm, even in below zero temps.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I never even considered another product after the great experience I have had with Aerotherm. Thanks!

Joseph P. Ornato, MD
The heater is lightweight and easy to use. I keep it running on the lowest setting on my Cirrus SR22 while it’s in my unheated hangar and the engine stays warm to the touch, even when the outside temperature is approaching O degrees Celsius. The staff couldn’t have been any nicer at Aerotherm. I had a trip “up north” coming up and needed the heater ASAP for my new SR22. They were able to arrange second day air for a reasonable price and it arrived in time for my trip the next day!

M. Mitchell Langley BC Canada
“I’m very happy with my Aerotherm Ryan, easy to use and silent. Hook it up, do my walk around and prep and in half an hour, 45 minutes it starts like a Summer day. Preparation and proper procedures are so important with a Radial Engine. Living in Canada with colder winters I feel confident I’m doing one of the best things I can do for my ship.”

I could not have got a better heater than your Aerotherm heater. I live in Hamilton Montana and have an unheated hangar. I leave it on all winter and everytime I go out to fly I don’t have to pre-heat because its already nice and warm. We had 10 below temperatures here in December and the airplane stayed completely warm. It works great on my Citabria and I can take it to my fly in ranch in the Selway Wilderness of Idaho and run it off the generator back there.

J Cole, O’Fallon IL, Cirrus SR-22GTS
After doing a lot of research on aircraft engine heaters, I came to the conclusion that the AeroTherm heater was my best choice and the only unit that met all of my purchase criteria: effective, lightweight, portable and inexpensive. I had decided that I wanted an electric heater and, since I fly a variety of aircraft, I needed a unit that was not permanently installed. I like the fact that the AeroTherm re-circulates heated air throughout the engine compartment, ensuring that the entire engine is heated evenly, including the oil. And with three different temperature settings and a built in thermostat, I can tailor the heater output to my specific needs on any given day.

Nate O. -Perth, ON Canada
Just wanted to send you a quick note about your Aerotherm Deuce. I purchased it in the fall of 2011 from you guys and have had it plugged in between the months of October and May ever since and it’s fantastic. Oil temp shows 70 degrees even at -25 Celsius. Great product!

Micheal M. – Langley BC
“I’m very happy with my Aerotherm Ryan, easy to use and silent. Hook it up, do my walk around and prep and in half an hour, 45 minutes it starts like a Summer day. Preparation and proper procedures are so important with a Radial Engine. Living in Canada with colder winters I feel confident I’m doing one of the best things I can do for my ship.”

Don V. – Fairfield, CT
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such an easy to use product that offers many advantages over previous preheating devices. I also, want to thank you for your prompt service when I had a problem with the first heater. Everybody looks good when things go right, but the true test is how they handle problems, in that area you excelled, when I contacted you with a problem, you quickly sent a replacement unit and return for the failed unit. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is that’s why I ordered the second unit from you to use on my other airplane.
I don’t hesitate to talk up your product whenever I can with other pilots. Keep up the good work!

Stuart A. R44 Raven II
I have an R44 Raven II that is based in Boston. While the helicopter is stored in a hangar, the hangar is not heated. In the winter the hangar is frequently down into the low 20’s F and it can be difficult to start at times, never mind the potential for excess wear and tear. I thought about a Tanis, but then came upon the Alien Turbo heater. I thought this would be a perfect solution with a quilted cover from Bruce’s as I could keep the entire engine and the drive train warm and avoid the issues with uneven heating of the engine. Last winter it worked out perfectly. I just place the heater inside the rear cowling and set it at 70 degrees. The entire back end of the helicopter (including the fuel) stays warm. Engine starts just like it does in the spring time. I highly recommend this solution.

Tom Mosby 2011 RV7A Lakeville, Minnesota
Absolutely delighted with my new Alien heater. Hooked it up last night and when we got to the hangar today the engine was warm as a summer day and it fired right off with no strain despite an unheated hangar and ambient temp of zero degrees F (-18C). Goes on and off the airplane in less than 20 seconds. Custom hoses fit perfectly. Excellent concept, design and execution! Great product; worth every penny in reduced engine wear and convenience. Thanks!

Giancarlo Angelini, D.C.
I absolutely love my Aerotherm products!!! Best winter of flying I have ever had !! My toasty warm engine is a phone call or text away, any time, day or night!!!

Jake J.
After researching many other options, I decided the Aerotherm was best for my setup in an unheated hanger. No installation. No change to W&B. Easy to stow for transport or warm weather. My RCS unit is on speed dial and my heater is presently hooked up to my SR-22 awaiting my call.

Thomas E. Myers, Lt Col, CAP Commander, Group XII Indiana Wing, Civil Air Patrol
Thanks for shipping the AeroTherm Heater so promptly! It’s been keeping our C-172’s engine nice and warm between flights. My concerns about excessive engine wear during starts on cold days has vanished.

Keep up the good work!

Dave Costill RV-7A, N2ZV Muncie, IN
I want to let you know that the unit is working great. It warmed my dead, cold engine and oil to 80 F in about 2 hours when the air was about 12 degrees. Now I can fly on all those cold, clear days.

Doug Wilson, Norwich, NY
Got my Aerotherm heater a couple weeks ago and just in time. The weather here in upstate New York went into the lower twenties. I set up the heater on my Skylane and left it turned on overnight. I went back the next day expecting that the motor would be running continuously, but to my pleasant surprise it was not. I reached inside the cowl and could just feel the warmth and of course she started right off with no trouble. I am very pleased.

James Murray – Queenstown, New Zealand
I got my heater on the 182 and it is -10 celcius outside and the plane is very cosy. What a fantastic product, most impressed.

John Sinclair – 182 owner – Worland, WY
The Deuce works better than I ever imagined! I threw a couple of moving blankets on top, positioned the hoses into the cowls, careful not to obstruct the oil cooler, and left it plugged in to cycle on and off as needed. After a couple of days I noticed the heater only comes on maybe once every 5 minutes, and stays on no more than a minute at a time, maybe less. The engine is toasty warm. Thanks for such a great product.

R. Brooks, Virginia, USA
The Aerotherm engine heater is exactly what I needed for my Columbia 400. I turn the unit on and it heats all my cylinder heads to about 100F and the oil is kept at a nice 85F. It is easily installed when needed and its simplicity makes it a great addition on to my aircraft.

Thierry Suhner – Switzerland
As owner of a small SEP aircraft based in Switzerland, I recently bought an Alien X Turbo system. Friendly talks and rapid support from the manufacturer. Once bought, the device was sent rapidly and securely to Europe.

No need for any electrical plug adapter; the Alien stands “ready to use”. Very simple and quick installation of the Alien on the aircraft (tutorial videos are of great help). It simply works! Your engine won’t ever keep cold again!

Alexander Wolf – Westport CT
Received the heater today. Its 19* out, let it rip for an hour and shot a laser thermometer at the engine block. 90*. Kickass product and i’ll be pimping you out to COPA.

Jim Feighny, Potomac, MD
I am a recreational pilot and have a RV-9 in an unheated hangar about 60 miles from my home. In 30 years of light plane ownership and experience with the full spectrum of engine warming techniques; bare light bulb, propane forced air, bolt-on heaters, floor mounted ceramic heaters, etc., I find the The AeroTherm Alien and RCS setup the best warmer available. I especially like the ability to control the unit remotely and use it only when I want to fly. There is no requirement for modifying anything under the cowl or having someone from the airport plug the unit in when I need it heated, or unplug it if I cancel.

Steve Bevelhymer, JAARS Aviation, Waxhaw, NC
We’ve used the heaters 3-4 nights a week since we’ve gotten them. They allow us to leave the planes in the storage hangar regardless of the temperature. In the past we tried to get at least one plane into the heated maintenance hangar the night before a cold morning flight. This was always a complication and didn’t always work. Now, all we do is hang the heaters on the plane after the last flight and plug them in before we go home. The pressure carburetors on the Helio Couriers don’t like cold starts and it wasn’t unusual to have to pump the primer to keep them running initially on a cold morning. Now, we pull the plane out and turn the master on and see 70 – 80 degrees on the CHTs with the thermostat set at 70. The oil temps are 65 to 70. We will probably buy two more for the 206s before next winter. Thanks for a great product.

Jon Dauplaise – Regional Sales Director of Cirrus Design
I have come to find my aerotherm to be indispensable. I travel the Midwestern US and Canada every day for business in my SR22-GTS and I must have the reliability and efficiency of the aerotherm. I can use it anywhere, use it on any plane I’m flying, and even help friends or coworkers get their planes safely started regardless of conditions. Try that with a bolt on heater!