Why is preheating an engine important?

Take-off demands 90-100% of an engine’s horsepower, and for this reason, it’s vitally important to properly warm the engine. Proper pre-heating reduces wear and tear and substantially extends the life of an engine. Idling is not an effective way to warm an engine. When idling, the propeller forces cold air back across and through the engine compartment keeping a cold engine from heating properly.

The best way to heat up your engine is with a whole engine heater, they evenly heat all engine components to the same temperature. Because airplanes utilize cast-iron engine cylinders, it is important to heat the cast-iron to the same temperature as the aluminum pistons. Uneven heating of the pistons results in piston scoring. This occurs when the pistons are hotter than the engine cylinder. This problem is typical of oil heaters which also cause condensation due to uneven heating.

Aerotherm heaters are whole engine heaters, they eliminate condensation and piston scoring thru their unique, heat-circulation technology.

Speed and Efficiency — The Aerotherm Difference
Our heaters are revolutionizing the aircraft engine preheating industry, they work by continuously recycling the same air in the engine compartment, evenly and consistently raising the engine and its components temperature. This method eliminates condensation and has proven to be the most effective and efficient way of preheating an engine. Aerotherm’s system is so effective and efficient that its top of the line model can have you ready to go in as little as 30 minutes!

All Aerotherm models are equipped with a thermostat allowing you to leave the unit unattended. You can land, attach your heater to your aircraft, set the thermostat at your desired temperature and your airplane will be ready to go when you decide to fly again whether it’s hours, days, or months later.

Our heaters are compatible with almost any aircraft, are easy to use, will not be permanently attached to your aircraft, come with a 3 year limited warranty and are made right here in the USA. It may be the only heater you’ll ever need!