Alien X Turbo - Soft Case


The Alien X Turbo 120 volt is designed specifically for those who will be powering the heater via 120 volt service. This version will only work with 120 volt service, so be sure to double check before ordering.
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+ Description and Overview 

The ALIEN X TURBO is our top of the line model. It is our fastest most efficient model to date!
With a top speed airflow of 47 mph and a 2100w element the performance of this unit is simply amazing. This unit can warm your engine in only 30 minutes. It is the only model that comes with quick hose disconnects and a custom soft carrying case for even greater portability.  The case measures 15"x12"x12" with everything you need inside.
You wanted the BEST you got the BEST.
Absolutely nothing can compete with the ALIEN X TURBO!
Includes; 1- Alien X Heater, 2- High Temperature, Quick Connect Hoses, 4- Sponges and a soft travel case.

+ Manufacturer 


We make fast, effective and efficient aircraft engine preheaters.  All of our heaters are thermostat controlled, can be left unattended, eliminate condensation, have a 3 year limited warranty and are made right here in the USA.  Our top of the line model can have your aircraft ready to go in as little as 30mins!  All AeroTherm products are assembled in the USA.


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