The Deuce 120 volt is designed specifically for those who will be powering the heater via 120 volt service.  This version will only work with 120 volt service, so be sure to double check before ordering.

+ Description and Overview 

The Deuce is customizable to run at either 800 or 1600watts with a flip of a switch. The addition of the toggle switch makes it the perfect heater for twin engine aircraft that require two heaters to run simultaneously. If you are buying more than one unit, the 2nd one will be sold at wholesale. You must order by phone if you need a customized unit and to get the discount for the second unit.
Includes; 1- Deuce Heater, 2- High Temperature Hoses, 4- Sponges and a Duffel Bag for convenient storage
Purchased by Nasa and THE WEATHER CHANNEL
Aircraft owners have long been familiar with the AeroTherm Engine Pre-Heater, but now there’s a new and improved model. It’s the AeroTherm Deuce, doing double the work, it has double the airflow and heating power of the original model.
The AeroTherm makes it easy to keep your airplane’s engine warm in the winter. Instead of blasting extreme heat into the engine compartment like some heaters, the AeroTherm evenly and consistently heats all parts of the engine using the same principal as your home furnace.
Rather than using propane (and the accompanying tanks to be hauled around and refilled), The Deuce uses two 800 watt heating elements. It’s easy-to-set thermostat maintains the desired temperature automatically. The Deuce can be kept plugged in all winter, keeping the engine warm, or it can be used as a traditional preheater. The Deuce consists of very durable components; a 40,000-hour high output CFM fan from Germany, a 100,000-cycle thermostat and a back-up reset thermostat. All components are modular and easy to replace.
When it’s plugged in, the AeroTherm Deuce supplies 6500 BTUs of heat at 210ºF to the engine compartment. It then draws the same heat out of the compartment and back through the heater, until the desired temperature is reached. It is energy-efficient and can be operated for less than a dollar a day (see FAQ for electric specs.)
When used as a preheater, the engine will be warm enough to start in about 90 minutes. Or, it will heat completely (including oil) in three hours at 0ºF outside temperature.
Weighing just 11 lbs., the AeroTherm Deuce comes with two hoses, a nylon suspension band that allows the unit to hang from the prop of your aircraft, and four sponges to seal the engine intakes. It’s portable enough to take with you.
According to an article in Kitplanes Magazine the best way to heat an airplane engine is in a heated hangar. With that in mind, AeroTherm works on that principle. Blasting extreme heat into your engine compartment may start your engine, but since the engine case, crank shaft and cylinders are made up of three different metals that heat up at three different rates, this may cause engine damage to occur. You will find our continuous recirculating heat covers the engine compartment evenly, including the oil. Try it! If you’re not satisfied, send it back for a complete refund.
It is the consumer’s responsibility to purchase and install the appropriate plug for his/her country. Failure to do so voids the warranty affiliated with this product.
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+ Manufacturer 


We make fast, effective and efficient aircraft engine preheaters.  All of our heaters are thermostat controlled, can be left unattended, eliminate condensation, have a 3 year limited warranty and are made right here in the USA.  Our top of the line model can have your aircraft ready to go in as little as 30mins!  All AeroTherm products are assembled in the USA.


Product Literature: 
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+ Product Comparison

Model Deuce Alien Alien Turbo Alien X Alien X Turbo - Soft Case Alien X Turbo - Hard Case
Heating Time 180 minutes 90 minutes 60 minutes 45 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
Motor Rating 40,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
Airflow Speed 18 mph 32 mph 47 mph 32 mph 47 mph 47 mph
Wattage 1,600 watts 1,800 watts 1,800 watts 2,100 watts 2,100 watts 2,100 watts
Amps 12 amps 14 amps 14 amps 17 amps 17 amps 17 amps
Construction Metal Composite Plastic Composite Plastic Composite Plastic Composite Plastic Composite Plastic
Weight 7 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs
Travel Weight 12 lbs 9 lbs 9 lbs 9 lbs 11 lbs 15 lbs
Available in 120v/230v Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eliminates Engine Condensation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thermostat Controlled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year